An Enquiry into the Origin of Honour, and the Usefulness of by Bernard Mandeville

By Bernard Mandeville

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The Beginning of all Things relating to Human Affairs was ever small and mean: Man himself was made of a Lump of Earth. Why should we be ashamed of this? What could be meaner than the Origin of Ancient _Rome_? Yet her own Historians, proud as they were, scrupled not to mention it, after she was arrived at the Height of her Glory, and become a Goddess, _Dea Roma_, to whom Divine Honours were paid An Enquiry into the Origin of Honour, and the Usefulness of Christianity in War [with accents] 41 throughout the Empire, and a stately Temple was erected within her own Walls.

I have often wonder'd at that _Dea Roma_, and her Statues resembling those of Pallas. What could they pretend her Divinity to consist in? Cleo. In her vast Power, which every Freeman had the Privilege to imagine, he had a Share in. Hor. What a _Bizar_, what a monstrous Humour must it have been, that could make a wife People suppose that to be a Goddess, which they knew to be a City! Cleo. Nothing in the Universe, but the Pride of the Citizens. But I don't think, that the Humour, which you seem to be so much astonish'd at, is altogether worn off yet.

Hor. Yet Men never fight with greater Obstinacy than in Religious Wars. If it had not been taken for granted, that Men were animated to Battle by Preaching, Butler would never have call'd the Pulpit, Drum Ecclesiastick. Cleo. That Clergymen may be made Use of as Incendiaries, and by perverting the Duties of their Function, set Men together by the Ears, is very true; but no Man was ever made to fight by having the Gospel preach'd to him. From what I have said of Self-liking and Human Nature, the Reason is manifest, why among People, that are indifferent to one another, it is a difficult Task to make a Man sincerely love his Neighbour, at the same Time, that it is the easiest Thing in the World to make him hate his Neighbour with all his Heart.

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