ActionScript Developer's Guide to Robotlegs by Joel Hooks

By Joel Hooks

Robotlegs is a standout one of the ActionScript three improvement frameworks to be had this present day. With it, Flash, Flex, and AIR builders can create well-architected, testable, and versatile wealthy web Applications—fast. This concise consultant exhibits you the way the sunshine footprint and targeted scope of this open resource framework not just solves your quick coding difficulties, it is helping you achieve perception into AS3 structure on a far deeper point. The authors supply a walkthrough of particular positive aspects in functions they have written in Robotlegs, whole with code for every software as an entire. you are going to the best way to in achieving a stability of suppleness and consistency on your personal projects.Solve eighty% of your coding issues of 20% of the API achieve code-base flexibility with computerized Dependency Injection study the anatomy of a Robotlegs program comprehend the relationships among types, companies, regulate code, and perspectives within the framework's MVCS structure See how the Robotlegs’ method allows attempt pushed improvement (TDD) choose up useful equipment for architecting Robotlegs strategies Get specialist insights to power-up your present Robotlegs code

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Our injection points declare UserLoadingService as their dependency. We can do better! mapSingletonOf(IUserLoadingService, UserLoadingService); // in the class that has the dependency: [Inject] public var userLoadingService:IUserLoadingService; Now we’re free to switch the concrete UserLoadingService for a DummyUserLoadingService or LocalUserLoadingService in the context and we know that every single class that is dependent on the injected IUserLoadingService will get this kind of concrete instance instead.

See? Your models and services are ‘Actors’ in your app Models and services in a Robotlegs application share a base class we call Actor. This allows them to send events to the application to keep it informed of changes in state and progress or errors. The MediatorMap provides a way to join your views to your app layer In Robotlegs, your views are essentially islands, totally separated from your main application. The mediator map allows you to provide views with their own personal bridge to, and from, the rest of the application.

First of all, it’s worth knowing that Dependency Injection—also known as DI—is a complicated name for something you’ve been doing since the first time you passed a parameter to a function. A dependency is just a requirement to use another object If the UserXMLLoader class needs to be passed a loadScriptPath:String of the url from which to load its data, this is a dependency: public function UserXMLLoader( loadScriptPath:String ) A dependency implies configuration, cooperation or communication If objectA needs an instance of objectB, it must be because it needs to use it for: • Configuration: A wants to use B in a read-only style • Cooperation: A wants to use B through its API (public methods) • Communication: A wants to register listeners for messages dispatched by B 23 You can fulfil a dependency in three different ways When an instance of one class needs to use an instance of another class, you can support this relationship (fulfil the dependency) in various ways: 1.

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