ActionScript Developer's Guide to PureMVC by Cliff Hall

By Cliff Hall

Gain hands-on adventure with PureMVC, the preferred open resource framework for constructing maintainable purposes with a Model-View-Controller structure. during this concise advisor, PureMVC author Cliff corridor teaches the basics of PureMVC improvement by way of jogging you thru the development of an entire non-trivial Adobe AIR application.

Through transparent reasons and various ActionScript code examples, you’ll study top practices for utilizing the framework’s periods on your daily paintings. become aware of how PureMVC lets you concentrate on the aim and scope of your program, whereas the framework looks after the plumbing in a maintainable and conveyable way.

  • Get an in depth review of the PureMVC method for constructing your application
  • Model the area through designing the schema and developing framework-agnostic worth objects
  • Implement framework-agnostic View elements that disclose an API of occasions and properties
  • Use the Proxy development to maintain tune of price gadgets and conceal provider interaction
  • Facilitate two-way communique among a View part and the remainder of the application
  • Stitch the version and examine levels including command gadgets within the Controller
  • Manage not easy View part existence cycles, and reuse the version tier

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ActionScript Developer's Guide to PureMVC

Achieve hands-on event with PureMVC, the preferred open resource framework for constructing maintainable purposes with a Model-View-Controller structure. during this concise consultant, PureMVC writer Cliff corridor teaches the basics of PureMVC improvement by means of strolling you thru the development of an entire non-trivial Adobe AIR software.

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By placing logic in discrete classes and triggering them in a decoupled fashion, you get code that is easier to understand, refactor, and reuse. 12 | Chapter 1: Introduction In our previous example of the EmailConfigMediator, we had a testEmailConfig() method that was called when the user pressed a “Test” button in the EmailConfig View Component. That component dispatched a custom Event carrying the EmailConfigVO to be tested. PERFORM_EMAIL_TEST. Here we will assume that a SimpleCom mand called PerformEmailTestCommand has been registered to handle this Notification (more on how that happens later).

Activities like preparing the application for use at startup or performing a search-and-replace on a chunk of text fall outside the logical realm of responsibility for either the View tier’s Mediator or the Model tier’s Proxy. SimpleCommand subclasses are short-lived actors that are created when needed, execute their function, and exit to be garbage-collected thereafter. The benefit of using a Sim pleCommand for this sort of thing, as opposed to a class with static methods, is that the latter approach promotes the kind of spaghetti code that MVC is intended to avoid.

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