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The Gift Of Fire

I've got habitually imagined - guessed'' can be the extra sincere observe - that cause is excessive, very excessive, a lofty and far-off realm the place concerns of the best import'' reside, and the place effective minds flow between them. And consequently, i've got meant Unreason, an entire irrationality, as little as cause is excessive, the very pit, the abyss, the frozen flooring of hell.

Interdisziplinare Perspektiven der Phanomenologie: Neue Felder der Kooperation: Cognitive Science, Neurowissenschaften, Psychologie, Soziologie, Politikwissenschaft ... (Phaenomenologica) (German Edition)

Dieser Sammelband pr? sentiert und belebt die zahlreichen Bez? ge der Ph? nomenologie zu den Nachbardisziplinen der Geisteswissenschaften und die vielf? ltigen Ans? tze zur Kooperation mit den Naturwissenschaften. Die Ph? nomenologie hat sich in den letzten Jahren in Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen Wissenschaften fach?

Entre le deuil du monde et la joie de vivre : les situationnistes et la mutation des comportements

Dans ce livre de "mémoires" collectives et personnelles, Raoul Vaneigem évoque, quarante ans après le mouvement des occupations du printemps sixty eight, les prémices de cet "embrasement au cœur a number of" puis sa récupération insidieuse par le spectacle culturel et contre-culturel. Il dresse, à cette party, un bilan de sa participation au groupe situationniste, non sans faire l. a. half de certains errements propres à tout projet insurrectionnel, écartelé entre pulsion de mort et intuition de vie.

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She found her mother-in-law to be very controlling: Michael’s mother would tell me how to dress, what to wear to town, who to look at, who not to look at, when we went to town. Everyone called her ‘the queen’. She would say, ‘I’ll give you lessons’. She taught me not to smile. She said I smiled too much at people who were poor. She told me who I could smile at and who I was not allowed to smile at. I was young, I didn’t know any different, I smiled at everyone. One woman described her husband as having come from a very disturbed family background: ‘His family dynamics are very interesting.

It was late at night and I was dancing with a man, but he came up to where I was and abused me. He had left one child alone in the car, and brought the other with him, on his hip. Elliott and Shanahan reported that perpetrators of domestic violence ‘do not realise that their behaviour constitutes domestic violence, wife assault or wife bashing, and, they do not register that their behaviour could be “criminal”; it is normal (and justifiable) to them’ (1988: 3). Men interviewed in their study reported that they THE PEOPLE • believed if a woman wanted to leave the relationship they were justified in using force to prevent her.

In one case, though, a woman reported that she knew that her husband had been prescribed anti-depressant medication, which he combined with excessive amounts of alcohol. 45 46 • COME WITH DADDY It is evident there were disturbances in the behaviour of most of the perpetrators leading up to the offences, some of which only came to light later. Most women noticed some indication of what they thought was depression, which in some cases had been evident for some months, and in others a recurring problem for years.

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