Action by Jean Ousset

By Jean Ousset

This publication considers other kinds of motion; find out how to gauge the effectiveness of motion; even if a number of activities are complementary or together damaging; and who may still perform the activities. French author, philosopher, and activist Jean Ousset examines the basic questions of potent social motion, similar to ideology, humans, assets, and the way to judge conflicting ideas. someone drawn to effecting social swap or learning glossy social hobbies will locate this either a compelling and distinctive work.

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Nothing but a few well-worn systems repeated with some variation ad nauseam: an incredible multitude of dubious propositions. But if nothing is offered on this side to satisfy an intelligence avid for what is really good and substantial, what a profusion of works there is dealing with means, procedures, methods and approaches. Everything one could wish for concerning strategy and tactics. With what realism, skill and keenness of perception. There one finds nothing at random. Instead there is a veritable hierarchy of social actions, with one operation complementing another; progress step by step, a simultaneous multi­plicity of co-ordinated initiatives.

But how can the same doctrine of action and the same proceedings be accepted when, on the one hand, it is a matter of demolishing the social order, by “dialectizing” it, and transforming the people into a mass proletariat, and on the other hand of re-establishing true social order in all its hierarchies, liberties and essential diversities. One might as well maintain that the same operations, methods and instruments could serve equally well in planting trees as in cutting them into planks. This goes to show that many who are against Liberalism in the dogmatic sense are liberals at heart when it comes to action, being incapable of distinguishing the incompatibility of methods and means in relation to ends as radically opposed as is construction to demolition.

And it is therefore led by its infernal logic to use means which can be 46 Jean Ousset described as alien to the natural order – a miscellaneous collection of procedures for exercising pressure which do violence to the nature of things. It must, however, be recognized that the means employed are admirably suited to the purposes of the Revolution. For, as St. Pius X has put it, we do not seek to rebuild the City otherwise than God has built it. We know only too well that civilization no longer requires to be invented, nor is it a new city to be built in the clouds.

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