A Source-Book of Modern Hinduism by Glyn Richards

By Glyn Richards

Via a balanced collection of texts with commentaries, this paintings combines an method of the renaissance of Hinduism and the reformation of Indian society.

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In studying the mechanism of creation, we find evidences of the wisdom of the Creator. On looking at the starry sky, we feel that He is infinite. By the help of this slender thread, His attributes became clearer to my mind. I saw that no one could frustrate the will of Him Who is Infinite Wisdom. Whatever He wills comes to pass. We collect all the necessary materials, and then make a thing; He by His will creates all the materials necessary for the making of things. He is not only the maker of the world, but what is more, He is its Creator.

In their midst also arose the question, Where did these gods come from? The mystery of the universe began to be seriously discussed amongst them. They said, ‘Who knows for certain whence came this wondrous creation? Who has ever told us here whence all these things were born? ’… Then they fervently expressed themselves in this hymn of the Rigveda. Before creation ‘there was then neither death nor immortal life. There was no day and night, neither was there knowledge. Then that One alone existed, animated by His own power.

18 Response to Missionary Activity I went about in a carriage every day from morning till evening to all the leading and distinguished men in Calcutta, and entreated them to adopt measures by which Hindu children would no longer have to attend missionary schools and might be educated in schools of our own. Raja Radhakanta Deb and Raja Satyacharan Ghosal on the one hand, on the other hand Ramgopal Ghose—I went to each and all of them, and incited them all. They were all fired by my enthusiasm. This did away with the rivalry between the Dharma sabha and the Brāhma sabha, and all their disagreement with each other.

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