A Review of the literature published between September 1970 by K H Overton

By K H Overton

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Sysko, J . Org. , 1971,36, 2324. 40 Terpenoids and Steroids analysis of the underlying kinetic theory is i n ~ 1 u d e d . lA~ ~simple and probably general approach to the bicyclo[2,2,l]heptane system is illustrated by cyclization of 3-(~-toluene-p-sulphonyloxyethyl)cyclopentanone (208) to norcamphor (209). lS9 A -& - LOTS (208) (20% synthesis of fenchone (210) based on this approach is illustrated in Scheme 8 and involves the preparation of a cyclopentanone derivative (211). To obtain I CHO Reagents: i, HBr; ii, AgOAc-HOAc; i i i , LiAIH,; iv, M e C 0 , H ; v, BF,--Et,O; vi, SOCl, n..

Offen. , 1971, 74, 88 171). A. J. Reuvers, J. A. Jongejan, J . Klomp, and H. Van Bekkum, Org. Prcp. Proc. , 1971, 3, 83. -The discussion of the conformation of substituted pinanes has led to general agreement that the isonopinone structure is that of a flattened boat (262). r. r. l~~ Unfortunately, the two groups have used opposite conventions, and in this Report the Bessiere-Chretien system is followed; the shape of the cyclohexane refers to the ring carrying the gemdimethyl groups (as was previously employed by Abraham et ~ 1 .

1970, 66, 607. P. Crabbe, E. Diaz, J . Haro, G . Perez, D . Salgado, and E. Santos, Tetrahedrun Letters, 1970. 5069. Mono te rpenoids 31 chloride followed by formic acid has been shown to give 45 % of the 3-aldehyde (160), with only small amounts of the product (161) in which the double bond has been displaced to the 8-position; (161) is the main product from isopulegone (162). ' I 8 Reductive dimerization of pulegone affords the alcohol (164), which dehydrates with simultaneous Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement to the substituted hydrophenanthrene (165); this reaction and further reactions of (165) have been examined by Bartual and Pascual.

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