50 and More Essential NMR Experiments. A Detailed Guide by Matthias Findeisen,Stefan Berger

By Matthias Findeisen,Stefan Berger

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Chem. 2001, 39, 49–52. [8] R. Wagner, S. Berger, "ACCORD-HMBC: A superior technique for structural elucidation" Magn. Reson. Chem. 1998, 36, S44–S46. [9] R. Burger, C. Schorn, P. Bigler, "HMSC: Simultaneously detected heteronuclear shift correlation through multiple and single bonds" J. Magn. Reson. 2001, 148, 88–94. [10] N. T. Nyberg, J. O. Duus, O. W. Soerensen, "Editing of H2BC NMR spectra" Magn. Reson. Chem. 2005, 43, 971–974. [11] T. E. Burrow, P. G. Enriquez, W. F. Reynolds "The signal/noise of an HMBC spectrum can depend dramatically upon the choice of acquisition and processing parameters" Magn.

TOCSY 1' 3 4 6,6' 1 5' 5 3' 2' 4' GH / ppm 4' 2' 1 3' 6,6' 5 5' 4 3 1' GH / ppm Fig. 3-2 TOCSY spectrum of sucrose H OH 6' HO 5' 4' H [1] L. Braunschweiler, R. R. Ernst, "Coherence transfer by isotropic mixing: Application to proton correlation spectroscopy" J. Magn. Reson. 1983, 53, 521– 528. 3-2 HO H HO 3 4 6 OH H 7. Comments During the spin-lock time the spins are affected only by B1 as the effective ¿eld. Therefore their chemical shift differences become negligible and the spin systems are all of higher order, leading to cross signals of all protons with each other along a chain of connected XHn groups.

Graaff had told me of de Broglie‘s defensc of his thesis in Paris in 1924. „Never had so much gone over the heads of so many“. “ He was: the proof of the pudding was given the same year by Charles Slichter, a physicist from Illinois, and his student, Carver. They saturated the resonance of conduction electrons in metallic lithium and saw the enhancement of the nuclear polarization predicted by Overhauser. A. Abragam, (1914-2011) "Time reversal, an autobiography", Oxford University Press 1989 This pathway is shown in the coherence diagram.

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